Terms and conditions for WoT platoon coaching:

During these services, I will teach you playing styles for the types of tanks, tactics on the maps, tips about game mechanics, weak spots and other skills you need to be a professional player in the game.


  • Platoon Coaching ( 10 Battles ) : $30
  • Platoon Coaching ( 25 Battles ) : $75
  • Platoon Coaching ( 50 Battles ) : $150

Details of World of Tanks Platoon Coaching

Your making errors and you believe you can fix them. From my Experience, nothing works better than a pro at your side!

I will give you tips, tricks and give you a review of your game play if you send me some replays. Why make the same mistakes over and over again and not get better with a friendly and honest coach. I aim to teach you and help you with your game play to make you a more skilled player in every aspect. I’ve played this game professionally and have a ton of Experience to share with.  I know everything about world of tanks. I know every tank, strategy, every map.

I’ve spent my life on this game, why not teach other people so they don’t have to spend their lives to get good?

The period of each session may differ as I will try my very best to interact with you and, help you develop as fast as possible. 

Just confirm me what you would like to improve on and we can take it from there. Learn from my errors. I have made many.

Remember I cannot make you a world of tanks super unicum overnight but what I can do is teach you things from my Experience in hopes for you to carry on and think about as you continue your journey on to become a great player. 

If you only have a couple of questions and don’t want private coaching and you need advice or a second opinion on a tank line to grind, or how to set up your tanks depending on their class, or what equipments to mount on your vehicles or just want to chat about the game? No problems. I can share my humble opinion and Experience, I am here for you. I will offer the opportunity to get the information you need to improve. Just contact me and let me know how I can assist you.