Terms and conditions for WOT Personal Missions :
  • Let me know what missions you need to complete.
  • Let me know what tanks you have in garage for completing that mission.
  • There must be possibility to choose and equip 3 equipments of my choice.
  • You should have enough gold to retrain your crew, if needed!
  • We setup a schedule when i can play and when you can play so the order will be completed without interrupting your gaming process!


Personal Missions 1.0

  • WOT Stug IV : $150
  • WOT T28 Concept : $199
  • WOT T55A : $299
  • WOT Object 260 : $450

WOT Personal Missions 2.0

  • WOT Excalibur : $199
  • WOT Chimera : $299
  • WOT Object 279 : $399


Some commanders play for fun, some play for competitive reasons. But some of them have a mission. Those are the most difficult tasks in the game. WOT Personal missions are, for some wot players, torture and for others, the occasion to test strength and become better. They will put your combat abilities to the test on all tank types and in different situations. 


WOT Personal Missions take players into complex campaigns, allowing them to obtain some fabulous rewards like unique medals, badges, and emblems, credits, bonds, free XP, consumables, equipment, wot directives, garage slots, wot premium account and other wot specials rewards.


After achieving the primary conditions of the final mission in each set, you receive a unique female crew member for that you can pick the nation, vehicle type, and major qualification. All in all, finishing both campaigns will compensate you with 32 female crew members. This 100 %, fully trained female crew come including the unique perk: Sisterhood of Steel.


Personal Missions are arranged into two campaigns—The Long-Awaited Backup and The Second Front—each of them containing missions. Accomplishing missions unlocks different reward tanks.


If you succeed in all the missions in The Long-Awaited Backup campaign you will manage to unlock the StuG IV WOT, T28 Concept WOT, T55 A WOT, and Object 260 WOT.

Finishing all wot personal missions in The Second Front campaign WOT, you will unlock the Excalibur WOT, chimera WOT, the object 279 e WOT and much more.


Get those reward tanks now! I can do any wot personal mission for you and you will  get that sense of achievement and showing your friends or your clanmates, you got them all. I will work on your wot account while you can spend your saved time with your family and friends. Get your object 279 e Word of tanks and object 260 World of Tanks, today!