world of tanks FRONTLINE

Terms and conditions for WoT Frontline :


  • 1xTier 30 $70
  • 2xTier 30 $140
  • 3xTier 30 $210



Some tanks are unique so they require wot tokens from the world of tanks frontline event. However, you don’t have the time to play the event and you want the tanks. Say no more, I can do it for you. There’s a total of 15 wot frontline tiers. Reaching any tier earns you fixed rewards: credits, regular and premium consumables, directives, bonds, and personal reserves.


For every frontline stage, you can receive a maximum of 3 tokens—one at wot frontline tier Five, Second at tier 10, and 3rd at tier 15. Overall, you can get 12 tokens for playing all 4 stages. The most successful players who have accumulated all 12 tokens will be able to trade them for one of the following exclusive tier IX reward tanks:



  • The Object 777 Variant II, a brand-new Soviet Tier IX heavy tank
  • The Char Futur 4, a unique new French Tier IX medium tank
  • The AE Phase I, an American Tier IX heavy tank with four segmented tracks
  • All these tanks feature a built-in large repair kit as a handy bonus.

NOTE: The features of the Object 777 Variant II and the Char Futur 4 are not final and will be published later during the season. If you already possess the AE Phase I on your world of tank account, you will not be able to exchange tokens for it.You can get a second reward tank (or collect the missing tokens for the first) by playing and earning tokens in the Steel Hunter event, which kicks off in the second half of the year.

After completing the wot frontline season, you can get compensation for all your unused tokens, regardless of whether you possess enough to obtain a reward tank or not. After all the stages are over, you will still have time to exchange tokens for unique reward tanks, if you haven’t taken them yet. still if you have any question about this, please contact me.