World of tanks DAILY DOUBLE

Terms and conditions for world of tanks daily double:
  • Let me know on which tanks you want to get the daily double wins (NO ARTY!!!)
  • I will play till all tanks you choosed, will get the daily wins achieved, even if it takes more fights than you paid!
  • Minimum 2000 WN8 will be maintained during the service.


  • 5 Wins : $5
  • 10 Wins : $10
  • 20 Wins : $20

Details of world of tanks daily double xp:

Welcome to wot boosting heaven. Thank you for your interest in my services for world of tanks, if you are interested to get daily double-xp for your world of tanks account and you don’t have time to play to get such rewards. by ordering this service you might get some other rewards during the battle.

I have played for multiple clients and i have years of experience in world of tanks, you will not get a better and professional player then me. Anything in world of tanks you want to get done just let me know and your requirement will be fulfilled.