Terms and conditions for WoT crew training :


  • Crew Training – 1 Skill / Perk – 100% : $49
  • Crew Training – 2 Skills / Perks – 100% : $99

details of world of tanks crew training:

The crew is the heart of a tank. And a  good tank needs a good heart. That is a reality, but it is a long way to get there with the right skills and perks. I can get them in tip-top shape for any tank you need whether if it is a tier 6 or tier 10 tank.You necessitate a very good crew to conquer the battleground and it is a very long process to unlock all of them. I can unlock the first 3 skills for your crew and even unlock the best perks for the tank in world of tanks.

Most of the players just want to play and do not go through countless battles to get the right amount of XP to boost their crew. Therefore, hiring a super unicum player for this is the best option. I will develop your crew with the required skills and perks which will become a reliable support in the most challenging battles.

The Training Level for every crew member is gradually increased by earning Experience Points or XP gained in battle. Every crew member earns the same amount of XP from each battle that their vehicle does.


The total number of Experience needed to achieve a 100% Training Level in the 1st Skill or Perk is double that required to increase the Major Qualification to 100%. This doubling occurs each time with each new Skill or Perk. Training the 2nd Skill or Perk to 100% requires double the amount of XP that the 1st Skill or Perk requires, the 3rd requires double the XP of the 2nd and so on. To increase the Training Level of the:


Major Qualification from 0% to 100% requires a total of 105,030 XP.

1st Skill or Perk from 0% to 100% requires a total of 210,060 XP.

2nd Skill or Perk from 0% to 100% requires a total of 420,120 XP.

3rd Skill or Perk from 0% to 100% requires a total of 840,240 XP