World of Tanks WoT credits

World of Tanks credits

Terms and conditions for WoT credits :


  • 1 Million Credits : $5
  • 2 Million Credits : $10
  • 5 Million Credits : $25
  • 10 Million Credits : $50
  • 15 Million Credits : $75
  • 20 Million Credits : $100
  • 25 Million Credits : $125
  • 30 Million Credits : $150
  • 35 Million Credits : $175
  • 40 Million Credits : $200
  • 50 Million Credits : $250
  • 60 Million Credits : $300


World of Tanks credits are the in-game currency in the world of tanks. Everyone recognizes the problem. You grinded the tech tree up and finally researched the tier 10 tank that you need so bad, but you don’t possess the WoT credits to purchase it. 

World of Tanks credits are needed regularly, and these are always very important in the game. Each WoT credits will count, from ammunition and new tanks to repair costs. And, of course, with crews to train, vehicles and modules to unlock, cosmetics to stock and consumables and equipment to mount.


I’m pretty sure nobody will ever have enough of them. Because farming world of tanks credits are for many players more pain than pleasure. Grinding WoT credits demands a lot of time, and because of weak players, it is possible to impair a little your in-game statistics.


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