Terms and conditions for WoT convertible XP :


  • 100.000 Convertible XP : $15
  • 200.000 Convertible XP : $30
  • 300.000 Convertible XP : $45
  • 400.000 Convertible XP : $60
  • 500.000 Convertible XP : $75
  • 600.000 ConvertibleXP : $90
  • 700.000 ConvertibleXP : $105
  • 800.000 ConvertibleXP : $120
  • 900.000 ConvertibleXP : $135

Experience (XP) in WoT is an in-game resource that you receive exclusive in battles and is required to acquire tanks and crew. You can use XP to research modules and vehicles before buying and to train crew members. Tanks with all modules and succeeding vehicles researched earn Elite status. World of tanks Combat XP is obtained for each Elite vehicle individually. It can be consumed on Accelerated Crew Training of this tanks crew or converted to Free Experience with gold.

There are few experience types in the game Convertible XP:

Experience on any given tank. Intended for new modules research and obtaining next tank models in the tech tree. You can earn this kind of Experience on any of your unlocked tanks.

Free Experience:

With this type you can research any tanks and modules. To earn free Experience you can convert it from premium tanks, also 5% of Experience gained from battles go to free experience pool.

Crew experience:

Needed for increasing tank crew skills and perks that are used in battles. Obtained on every crew member participating in a battle.In WoT, your tanks necessitate a different number of Experience to be unlocked, and the leveling of some particular tanks demands a different amount of time.


All WoT players understand how horrible it is to farm Experience, mainly when you get matched with weak players and you are not experienced enough to win the battles yourself.This is why I offer you Wot convertible XP grinding, to hurry up the long period of leveling and enjoy carrying battles on best tanks. To research the best tier 10s tanks even for veteran players takes up to three weeks, for inexperienced it can extend for months. 


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