Terms and conditions To Buy Ace Tanker Medal for World of Tanks :
  • Let me know on which tank you want to get Ace Tanker.(NO ARTY!!!)
  • Crew must have at least 1 skills/perks at 100%
  • To get ace tanker medal You should have enough gold to retrain your crew, if needed!
  • There must be possibility to choose and equip 3 equipments of my choice.
  • We setup a schedule when i can play and in 1-2 days, your order will be completed!
  • Minimum 2000 WN8 will be maintained during the service.


  • Ace Tanker Medal – Any Tank : $14

Details of Ace Tanker Model WoT:

You can obtain various accomplishments in world of tanks, but just some are as charming as the mastery badges.Medals are hard work but mastering a tank is a thing most players have yet to do.My Wot boosting service can get you that ace medal on any tank you need. If you wish for it you can have it, with all the bragging rights.


The ace tanker is granted to wot players who earned a lot of Experience following a battle. I will play on the specified tank till I receive the ace mastery badge while sustaining high wot stats.


The ace tanker will be assigned to you if you receive higher Experience than other players on the identical tank during the last 7 days. Once collected on a tank, nobody can take the mastery badge away from you.


Because of the earlier stated, the challenge curve of achieving the most important Ace Tanker Badge is related to how many players fight with that distinct tank and how great they are. The threshold for winning an Ace Tanker medal in one tank can be distinct from another one, so do not be shocked or frightened.


Mastery badges are a final performance of your valor in a particular tank and the highest class (Wot Ace Tanker medal) is not simple to get except you know each trick with a particular tank. It might not always be accessible for you to obtain this award, but for me it is. Let me assist you for a reasonable price!